Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Safety Assistant Monitor—-SAM

Orange County Head Start (OCHS) has an exciting new opportunity for parents to volunteer as Safety Assistant Monitors (SAM) to work in collaboration with staff to monitor safety practices at our program centers.  Parents review classrooms and outdoor areas on a monthly basis to ensure that safety practices are in place and also attend a monthly class/meeting held at the OCHS office in Santa Ana.  SAM parents receive one college credit for their participation.  Monitoring checklists are turned in at each monthly meeting along with a monthly activity report with hours volunteered.  Volunteers receive support and suggestions from OCHS staff and the SAM parents team. SAM participants must be a current Head Start parent.


Parent Nutrition Assistant –PNA

 College Course Opportunity
Parent volunteers are wanted to be leaders in the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity.  PNAs are enrolled in a college course, and receive one college unit for completing the course. The name of the course is “Nutrition for the Young Child,” and is sponsored by OCHS at no cost to the volunteers.  The course is offered by Orange Coast College; however, the classes will be held at the OCHS office in Santa Ana. Mileage is reimbursed for volunteers.

Requirements for Participation: Understand and read English for the college course work; provide own transportation; and must have a current TB test and sign a good health statement.


Health Education Liaison Program—H.E.L.P.

Volunteers needed:  Have you ever considered a career in education or the health field?  This is an opportunity to get some experience.

  • Health education for our children (each month a theme) e.g. February – The Healthy  Heart
  • Fun health classroom demonstration (staying healthy-cough in your cuff, sneeze in your shoulder)

                 Requirements: must have a current TB test and sign a good health statement.


Foster Grandparents Program

Orange County Head Start and the Foster Grandparent Program of Fairview Developmental Center have been working in partnership since the year 2000.  Caring men and women, 60 years of age and older, participate in Head Start classrooms providing children with special needs, support with social interaction and individualized activities. Foster Grandparents participate 3 -5 hours per day, 4 -5 days per week.  These community volunteers have one thing in common – a love of children and the desire to make a difference by helping children with special needs grow and develop.


Human Resources Interview Panels

OCHS would personally like to invite you to be part of a great team in the Human Resource Department. By volunteering your time to sit on interview panels, you are helping with assuring that we hire the most qualified staff. You will also acquire the skills that will help you to become a better interviewer.  We are looking for parents that are willing to be part of interview panels, a few times throughout the year.


Champions for change

Orange County Head Start and Community Action Partnership of Orange County developed a partnership agreement this year to provide the Champions for Change nutrition workshops to Orange County Head Start families.  Ten Head Start parents attended an intense six-week program on the importance of healthy eating and physical activitys with strategies and techniques to implement this philosophy at home.  The overall goal of the program is to reduce obesity in children and adults thought healthy eating and increase physical activity.  Parents who completed the program will educate and empower low-income Latino adults, providing workshops at the Head Start centers.  Each parent will teach at least seven lessons from the Champions for Change Toolbox within the next year.

Dads Matter

According to a national study, children do better in school when their fathers are involved.  At Orange County Head Start (OCHS), we believe that a father’s role is more than that of an economic provider. A father’s role includes nurturing, care giving, and emotional support.  These “dads” include biological fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, friends, mentors and other males who are positive role models.

The OCHS Dads Matter program promotes and supports the importance of fathers in our families and communities.  Dads share feelings and experiences, which encourages them to be more involved in the lives of their children.  The Dads Matter curriculum is designed to meet the cultural needs of diverse fathers and includes: workforce development; effective parenting strategies; young fathers; co-parenting; individual asset development; education and many facets of health and human services.

Policy Council

Responsible for the direction of OCHS, including, program design and operation, long and short-term planning goals and objectives, taking into account the annual communitywide strategic planning, needs assessment and self-assessment.

The Policy Council is comprised of one current parent representative from each grantee center, up to two representatives from each delegate agency and up to three Community Representatives.

The Policy Council meets monthly.  Policy Council approves and submits decisions about specific topics to the Board of Directors.